How to make space for vocals

Learn how to use Trackspacer to make your vocals fit the mix without sacrificing the rest of the instruments.

How to Edit and Tune Vocals like a Pro

Editing and tuning your vocals properly is the most important part of the job if you want to get a professional and clean sound. Often, this stage is...

Why you should mix for clients

Get out of your comfort zone by working on other people's stuff.

Rejection: get used to it

Here's a funny little story about a rejection I received from a very famous Italian producer.

The importance of details: Daft Punk's Random Access Memories

  Daft Punk's Random Access Memories was easily one of the best-produced albums of the last 20 years. The care behind the production, the marketing campaign, and the...

How to Optimize your Computer for Music Production

Your PC is your music knife, and you want it as sharp as you can.

How to sample Kick Drums

Ever loved a kick drum in a track so much you wanted to steal it? I did. Several times. This guide will help you get the kick drum...

How to Export a Master

Mastering isn’t only about fancy processing and loudness paranoia.

How to use Sidechain Filter for Ducking

Being able to isolate only certain frequencies allows having a different response from the compressor which directly results in applying a different envelope to the sound.

How to Master a Hip Hop & Trap mix (-6.8 LUFS)

I increased the Integrated LUFS by almost 8 dB while staying loyal to the way the mix originally sounded.