Beat Spot is carried by people all deeply passionate about music production.

Back when we first started our music production journey, we’ve grown up with a huge lack of online resources that led us to lots of trial and error, so we decided to share our knowledge, skills, and services with the community.

Our mission is to make music production more accessible to beginners and more digestible and immediate to producers in general.

We work every day because we love allowing people to approach music production and help them improve and express themselves with ease!

We love exploring music production at 360 degrees, whether it’s mixing or songwriting, trying new plugins, or developing an efficient workflow.



Marco is a music producer who started music production back in 2009. As a self-taught guy, he experienced for years the pain of dealing with poor educational resources, very few peers into music productions, and almost no mentor.

Mostly passionate about mixing and production, after years of grind on EDM genres, he found its true colors coming back to Hip Hop, which was the reason he started producing music.

As a graduated graphic designer, he’s also the mind behind Beat Spot’s branding, thinking about new ways to illustrate music production knowledge and making it more immediate and universal.

As a perfectionist, he loves helping people scanning through their tracks and helping them achieve that extra plus that is missing. 


Giulio started with music by playing guitar at the age of 10. He later developed an interest in electronic music through acts like Daft Punk, Deadmau5, and Justice, but he felt in love with the dubstep scene.

Started producing by the age of 15, Dubstep allowed him to get skilled in both sound design and mixing due to the technical nature of the genre. 

With his bass music project, he released on labels such as Monstercat, remixing Pegboard Nerds & Excision.

Then he takes a hiatus to become more versatile and experiment more with other genres. 

He starts to experiment also in Hip-Hop and Trap, getting beats placement with Italy's heavyweight Fabri Fibra.