Charts Bundle

All our charts, in one bundle.

Over the last year we've released a bunch of products that consist in collection of charts, which are visual representations and schemes of certain tricky aspects of music production.

Get them all at once!

In this special bundle you will find all the following PDFs packed together.

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Avoid second-guessing

With these charts, you will have solid starting points for any move you will make in your mix/master.

Solve problems quickly

Don't be afraid of learning everything solely by experience! Grab these formulas and apply them to your context.

Avoid brain fog

Too many things to remember? At the beginning, we know it feels like that. Recall these formulas until they become second-nature.

What's Inside


EQing charts for every sound.

This ebook includes 74 frequency charts to guide you through your EQ decisions and an introductory chapter covering different topics about EQ.

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Leveling charts for the most common genres.

This ebook includes 20 charts (1 per genre) for setting the right levels.

It's simple to read, each genre has a chart with the fader settings for its main instruments.

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Panning charts for the most common genres.

It's simple to read, each genre has a chart with the pan knob settings for its main instruments.

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The tweaks to do. Step by step.

Each processor has a chart with numbered steps to follow.

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Charts Starter Pack

The best charts we posted.

Music production gets you confused?
We got your back with 10 great bonus charts!
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Unlock the Formulas

All our charts, in one bundle.

With 149 charts, this is the definitive collection for everyone who wants to improve quickly and learn new techniques for the mixing stage and shape tracks the way they want.
Improve with innovative and intuitive visual schemes. All these charts have been designed to explain music production in new and unique ways.

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What People Say

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Tizio (via Instagram)

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Caio (via Instagram)

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Sempronio (via Instagram)

Cool Reference
It's really useful to have charts for referencing dynamics of instruments , to have a solid start. Really good for referencing techniques.

Rodrigo O. (via Review Form)

I can see sounds now
Had to leave a review because, honestly, this is too good. There are like around 50 charts and it's great how you differentiate even the various types of kicks, brass, guitars and strings. This is a must-have.

Joe T. (via Review Form)

Very professional work
I start to have my small collection of Beat Spot stuff ... every time i want to reference something, i go to my Beat Spot Folder and find it. easy to read and navigate information, break down in sections makes it even more helpful .

George S. (via Review Form)

Great guide tool
Good reference for beginners

Yan Y. (via Review Form)

A must have.
It’s a great help for any level of producer! It’s comprehensive and easy to understand.

Juan K. (via Review Form)

Amazing stuff
I am an experienced producer of electro and edm and I bought all of your PDFs. They are a must have for every producer, visually it looks amazing and it really sums up all of the information I needed as a producer. It’s ridiculous that’s for 40 dollars which is a price of a dinner with friends, I get knowledge worth more than hundreds of Dollars.
For me this is money well spent.
You have really nailed it guys , well done!

Liran Y. (via Review Form)

Easy to read and apply! Absolutely a game changer!

Adam S. (via Review Form)

Levels is great!
Well done and useful

Marco M. (via Review Form)

Worth it
Already experiencing great results after reading this book. Lots of great tips here!
Don’t study the numbers , study the concepts.

Matthew D. (via Review Form)

Simplicity is key, nice guide!

Tamàr B. (via Review Form)

Absolutely worth it
I instantly applied these to a near finished track, with a contextual master, it peaked at - 1db... Perfect.
It really made my mix cleaner as well, I'm glad I now have this knowledge upon me

Steven H. (via Review Form)

Levels is awesome!
Really helpful tool

Antonio W. (via Review Form)

Easy to start with mixing levels and pans

Toni M. (via Review Form)

I'm loving the Frequencies PDF, it covers a lot of very useful information and is presented in such a way that’s concise and to the point making this ideal for referring to while mixing!
I highly recommend this product.

Lane B. (via Email)


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