All you need to master meta-production.

WORKFLOW is our biggest project yet.

What’s the one thing that makes you give up or not music?

We answered this question and it's having a flow.

This bundle will guide you through all the aspects to create room for creativity, from how your mind tricks to approaches to develop and get to finish songs better and faster.

How? With the book, a video course, the tips and all our templates.

Remember, It’s not about what you do. It’s all about how you do it.

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Work smarter, not harder

Acquire the principles we've developed over 10 years of experience, become aware of what you can improve and create a tailored asset of habits.

Produce consistently

Create a system that entirely service your creative juice whenever it kicks in. Don't waste a session anymore and become more confident with your creative process.

Finish music faster

Start taking decisions and commit with them.
Develop self-critique to stay objective.

Feel confident with your craft and make more of it.

What's Inside


A guide made with years of experience

We thought it was time to put on virtual paper what we learned through the years.

In its 11 chapters, you will learn how to handle production work from all the perspectives: creative, psychological, organization, and practical.

Learn how to optimize your studio…

...Or if you don’t have one, your virtual studio.

Get a taste of different methods of work and create your own creative space.

The Course

The things to do. Step by step.

Sometimes a book isn’t enough.

We thought that some topics needed some video demonstrations, and we did it.

10 lessons for a total of nearly 2 hours to go more in-depth.

Learn how to keep your tools tidy and organized, or how to use a project management tool.

See how you can arrange a song fast.

Watch it whenever you want and wherever you are. Forever.

Developing a Mixing and Mastering Template (Taster)



Tips at your fingertips.

You probably know us for our tips on IG.

So we thought, “Why would you leave all of our Mindset tips behind?”

You will have access to our collection of tips, which we cared about making them easily browsable.

140 pages of goodness. For free.

Mindset tips can’t be bought individually*

Feedback Ready Checklist

Don't miss a valuable feedback anymore.

Did you ever send a track out just because you were too excited to share it with the world?

But is your production done?

After you sent it you felt the need of changes?

This checklist will help you to find out if it’s done.

All you need is to answer the questions.

Feedback Request Template

Ask for feedback effectively.

Are you not getting answers? Try this.

We get many feedback requests, most of them don’t make you want to listen to music, even if it is excellent.

Know how to write correctly to labels, A&R, and other artists.

Some details can actually make a huge difference when it comes to asking for time to listen to your music.

Copy this structure and customize the template for the person you’re reaching out to.

Goal Setting Template

Give yourself meaningful deadlines.

Deadlines are your best friend. How much could you spend on writing an album?

You could spend your entire life.

This template will help you define what you want to do and when.

Be in control of your musical duties and feel the positive pressure of short, medium, and long-term deadlines.

Music Production Journal

Write down your progress.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. You don’t need to be newagey to do journaling.

Whether you like or not journaling, this template will help you write down your progress and think about the positive sides of making music. Track down all the small achievements and the things you want to change.

This template is designed especially for music makers and creatives.

You can print it, use it digitally or keep it as a guideline to emulate on other journaling tools. It’s up to you.

Free Time Calculator

Recap your everyday life.

Made with the goal of putting you in control of your time, this is a simple sheet that you can use with a few clicks. Know how you spend time and how to manage your activities.

You don’t need Microsoft Excel; all you need is a Google Account.

Key Takeaways

The Workflow book. Summed up.

Taking notes is excellent for learning.

But it’s even greater to have a summary of the book already at your disposal.

Keep it with you everywhere and use these handy takeaways to stay on track whenever you feel you're slacking off.

Ready to Level Up?

  • 100 pages PDF
  • 10 lessons course
  • 50 tips
  • 4 PDF Templates
  • 1 Google Sheet
  • Workflow summary
Sold out

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The concepts written in the pdf are mind-opening. Lots of insight that helps producers getting their stuff sorted out.

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With the 50€ that I paid for this course, I managed to streamline my music production process and it's only been one week since I started implementing the tips.

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You don't needed anything else than a device, whether desktop, tablet or smartphone, to attend the lessons and open the PDFs.

Do I need to own a specific DAW?

You don't needed a specific DAW.
We have a couple videos on how to make a Production and Mixing/Mastering template in Ableton, but the concepts can be easily applied to other DAWs as well.

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