The best Free Limiter plugins

In music production, limiting is an indispensable tool for managing peak levels and ensuring optimal loudness without distortion. Although there are numerous paid limiter plugins available, there are also several exceptional free options that can produce professional outcomes. In this article, we'll present you with the best free limiter plugins you can incorporate into your audio toolkit today. Let's get started!

Analog Obsession Kolin

This vintage limiting amplifier plugin comes with additional features like adjustable attack and release times, making it a versatile choice for your audio processing needs. Key features include A-ADJUST for attack time, R-ADJUST for release time, MIX knob for blending DRY and WET signals, HPF for sidechain, EXT-SC for external sidechain, and input/output level controls.

Download Kolin

D16 Group Frontier

Frontier is a versatile limiter plugin that provides transparent peak limiting and works well on individual tracks, buses, or the master channel. Its intuitive interface makes it simple to use.

Download Frontier

Kilohearts Limiter

Kilohearts Limiter is a straightforward limiter that helps prevent clipping and distortion. Its clean and transparent sound makes it an excellent addition to any audio toolkit. The GUI is the simplest you could ask for.

Download Kilohearts Limiter

LVC-Audio ClipShifter

ClipShifter is a clipping-style limiter that offers adjustable clipping and peak limiting. It provides precise control over loudness and is great for shaping your mix's dynamics.

Download LVC-Audio ClipShifter

LVC-Audio Limited-Z

Limited-Z is an easy-to-use limiter that combines advanced processing with a simple interface. It offers transparent limiting and is perfect for managing peak levels in your mix.

Download LVC-Audio Limited-Z

Thomas Mundt LoudMax

LoudMax is a look-ahead brickwall limiter that maintains the transparency of the original sound while maximizing volume. It's easy to use and perfect for managing peak levels in your mix.

Download LoudMax

Tokyo Dawn Records VladG Limiter No6

Limiter No6 is a feature-rich limiter plugin that offers compression, peak limiting, high-frequency limiting, and more. With its flexible and transparent sound, it's perfect for mastering applications.

Download VladG Limiter No6

Venn Audio Free Clip

With a range of wave shapes or “sigmoid functions”, you can choose from the most transparent hard clip to the softest, saturated arctangent shape. The plugin also features an intuitive ceiling level slider, oversampling for reduced high-frequency aliasing, and can be used for boosting volume without clipping your DAW. Recommended for mastering with hardclip, quantic, or cubic shapes, it can also be used as a traditional saturation/distortion plugin with softer wave shapes.

Download Venn Audio Free Clip

ViatorDSP BT Cliper

BT Clipper is a versatile limiter/clipper plugin with three different clipping voices and a mid-range tone knob. It's perfect for giving your instrument or mix edge and natural compression. Key features include input/output faders, mid-range tone knob with selectable frequencies, phase toggle, and a menu to select between hard, soft, and analog clipping. The plugin also offers auto gain compensation when adding drive.

Download ViatorDSP BT Clipper

Voxengo Elephant

Elephant is a mastering limiter that offers transparent peak limiting, loudness maximization, and noise shaping. Its advanced algorithms make it perfect for achieving professional results.

Download Voxengo Elephant


With such a wide variety of options available for free, there's something for every producer and audio engineer. Don't hesitate to explore these fantastic tools and elevate your music production to new heights. Happy mixing!


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